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Surgery Day!

I know it’s been a long time since I have updated everyone. What can I say, I’ve been busy! This has been a summer of many changes. I need to share this exciting news with you though. My surgery was finally approved last week and I am having Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass tomorrow morning at 10:15 a.m. The surgery takes about an hour and a half and I will be in the hospital for 2-5 days.

The minute I found out my surgery date, I started eating the foods that I used to love. I needed my last time with them, I needed a clean break. In a lot of ways, food has been my everything. My best friend, my boyfriend, my family. I wanted the break-up to end on my own terms. I had a filet mignon at The Keg, I had fettuccine alfredo at my favourite local Italian restaurant, I had ice cream and cheesecake and pizza and all of the things I used to indulge in so often. I’m not saying I will never eat those things ever again, but it will be a long time. I have learned a lot through my six month post-op diet and one thing was moderation. So someday, when I can eat those things again, they will only be for a very special occasion.

Five days ago I started a clear liquid diet and I must warn everyone, it’s been hell! I’ve been moody and hungry. All you can have is water, juice, tea, popsicles, jello and broth. I will continue this diet for 1-2 weeks after my surgery. Honestly, I can’t wait until this phase is over. I never thought I’d be so excited to have a smoothie.

In preparation for the big day tomorrow, I thought I would post some before pictures. Maybe some people would be embarrassed to have these online, but I know in a few months I will look back on these and be proud. I will be so proud of how far I have come. So here we go, let’s check out my life-long struggle with obesity.

I started having a weight problem in Kindergarten. I wasn’t obese, but I was chubby and people made sure I knew it.


Once I was around ten, I was clinically obese. My Meme tried to do everything she could to help me. I went to dieticians, nutritionists and Curves. I tried fad diets like Slimfast and Adkins. I just wasn’t able to stick to anything.


At age 12, I started to become very depressed. I was bullied heavily in middle school and it was finally getting to me. I had a 13th birthday party coming up and I made a promise to myself that I was going to lose some weight. I joined Weight Watchers and went to the gym five times a week. I ended up losing 79 pounds.



I started gaining the weight back in 10th grade. I didn’t get as big as before, but I sure wasn’t small. My depression kept getting worse and I kept eating, it was a vicious cycle. I ended up leaving public school to take online classes. I couldn’t take the bullying any longer.


In my time away from public school, I learned a lot about myself. I finally found something that seemed like happiness. I graduated in 2010. I was fat but I was also decently happy.


I moved as far away from Pennsylvania as I could. I had always loved Toronto so I chose to go to university there and study political science. It was a very rough year. I had a hard time learning how to live on my own. I ordered a lot of take-out and I ate a lot of bad food.



I ended up leaving that school because I was not happy with what I was studying. I technically took a year off. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I was happy to finally have an answer to all of the pain I was going through, but my future didn’t look bright. I hired a personal trainer to help me lose some weight but I never got until 280.



I went to Italy that summer for six weeks. I ended up falling in Venice and seriously sprained my ankle. I was too fat to use crutches and it took me forever to find a wheelchair. All and all my “vacation of a lifetime” was ruined because I was fat and clumsy.



I came back and started at a new school for something I actually love. I found my happy place. I became a leader in and out of the classroom because I was confident. I didn’t even hate my body anymore, I was just uncomfortable.


I finally decided that I deserved more. I started my six month pre-op diet in March. It has been a learning process, but a good one. I chose to focus more on health than losing weight. I lost 22 pounds total on the pre-op diet.



Starting Weight: 317

Pre Op Weight: 295

& now I’m having surgery tomorrow! I can’t believe that the day is finally here, it seems like I’ve waited a lifetime! Actually, I have! My new life starts tomorrow and I’ve never been more excited. Wish me luck!

11 thoughts on “Surgery Day!

  1. Hilary, your story is an inspiration to others out there that have struggled with their weight, it’s not an easy thing to grow up being overweight. I am so happy that this surgery isn’t about trying to feel better about yourself, but simply being more comfortable in life. You truly are an amazing person and such an inspiration, I am blessed to know you and wish you all te best and a great recovery, see you soon. Love Trish

  2. So proud of you, Hil! I think it’s wonderful that you’re sharing your story. It takes a strong woman and I’m glad to call you my best friend. Xoxo

  3. Hi Hilary! You must have had your surgery by now, so know that I am wishing you great success on your new adventure. I had Lap Sleeve surgery four months ago and have made great strides, both in weight loss (although it’s going slower than I’d hoped) and in making lifelong lifestyle changes. If I can do it, then ANYONE can do it! Best of luck to you.

    • Thank you! It’s amazing to see how much support can come from the Internet. I can’t wait to get out of the hospital and check out your blog. Even if the weight loss hasn’t caught up to you yet, it will! It sounds like you are making good choices and in the end that’s what it’s all about!

  4. YIPPEEEE Hilary. I really cannot wait to keep following your progress. Thanks for sharing. You are a beautiful young lady and you deserve to live life to the fullest!

  5. Hi Hilary, as I was searching the word barriatric I found your site and what caught my interest was your that we had the same name and spelling. I started reading some of your posts and found this one about your story, Its really inspirational and we kind of have a similar story. I hope you are coping well with your surgery and that all things went well for you. I have my gastric sleeve surgery Next Monday and I too look forward to this journey. come back soon I would love to hear your progress.

  6. Love your story! I had vsg surgery this August as well! I am down 62 pounds and beginning to love life again! Can’t wait to hear how you are doing. Will be following your journey!

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