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Healthy Pizza

To some people, eating healthy means completely cutting out some of your favourite foods. To me, it means altering my favourites so that they are healthy! I used to be a pizza addict. I’m serious, I would order at least two pizzas a week with my roommate! I don’t even like to think about how many calories that must have been. However, I haven’t had “traditional” pizza in months! It feels great. A friend of mine introduced me to her version of pizza awhile ago. I don’t think I can thank her enough, because it has become one of my favourite recipes! Here’s what you will need:

  • Whole wheat pita 
  • Pesto
  • Half of a small avocado 
  • Part-skim mozzarella 
  • Chicken breast 
  • Olive oil 


You start out with a whole wheat pita. First, you use a butter knife to spread a tiny pit of pesto around the pita. No need to go overboard, a little bit of pesto goes a long way! You then mash half of a small avocado and place it on top of the pesto. Then, sprinkle the pita with a little part-skim mozzarella. You can add whatever other toppings you like, but I use pre-cooked chicken strips for some extra protein.

Before I put it in the oven on a cookie tray, I lightly drizzle it with olive oil. My favourite flavour is red pepper olive oil, it gives it a little kick. It only takes about 15 minutes at 350 degrees fahrenheit. Can you believe this savoury meal is just under 400 calories? I’ll take it!

How do you make your favourite treat healthy?


2 thoughts on “Healthy Pizza

  1. This pizza looks amazing! I am excited to try it out! To switch it up from pesto, you could also try some olive oil with fresh garlic and fresh tomato.

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