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Bariatric Pre-Op Diet Month 2

I had mentioned last week that I was going home to check up with my primary care physician. I have to meet with her once a month for the next six so that she can record my progress for the insurance company. They prefer if someone loses 10% of their weight before bariatric surgery. In month one, I lost about 3% which is excellent.

I was still nervous to see what my doctor had to say. I wasn’t sure if what I have been doing was good enough, but she reassured me that I was doing better than she had expected. She shared something interesting with me; I was only one of two patients to ever lose weight in the first month of the pre-op diet at her office. I just thought that was a bit shocking but I was so relieved that she was happy.

Some things that I took from the meeting:


  • 1,500 calories: I think that this is pretty fair and so far I haven’t had much of a problem sticking with it. Every once in a while I will have a day where I am around 1,600 calories but I’m still eating healthy foods. Counting calories has really showed me the value in a well-planned meal. If I know I’m going to be eating something high in calories, I can easily adjust my other meals so that I am not going over-board. It’s really all about planning and being aware. 


  • 20 grams of sugar: So far I have found this absolutely impossible. I’m not sure if she just meant “bad” sugars, I need to get that clarified. Tracking sugar has really opened my eyes. I can’t believe how much is in nearly everything! Even things like protein bars can be loaded with sugar. I get a lot of my sugar from fruit. It’s more natural, so I’m hoping that’s not as bad.


  • 80 grams of protein: She told me that a range of 60-95 is usually good. I figure sticking around 80 grams a day is good before surgery, we shall see if it has to be adjusted once I actually have gastric bypass. I don’t find it hard to get protein, one day I actually had 122 grams! Most of my days start with a protein-packed smoothie, which really helps. For lunch I eat a salad almost every day, usually containing chicken or turkey. I make sure my snacks during the day are something like cheese, nuts or protein bars. My dinners range, but I eat a lot of tofu or typically vegetarian foods. They are surprisingly loaded with protein. It also doesn’t hurt to drink a protein shake in the afternoon. I can’t imagine I will have any problems getting my protein in post-surgery. I have become nearly obsessed.

So I’m onto month two and so far, so good. I have become a pro at resisting temptations. Easter will be the big test! I still plan on eating what my family serves, just controlling my portions. No more plates full of mashed potatoes! If you want to see what crazy antics I get into over the holidays, follow me on Twitter @HilaryFlint


3 thoughts on “Bariatric Pre-Op Diet Month 2

  1. Congrats on your success so far! My last of six weigh-ins for the supervised pre-op diet is next Wednesday and I’m pretty excited about it! I just have to show weigh-ins for six months, I don’t actually have to go six calendar months (e.g. my first visit was November 20th, so November counted as month one!). It’s been a great thing for me to adjust to different behaviors and take advantage of this time to get my head on straight. Since November 20th, I’m at about 82 lbs lost! woohoo! If you need a supervised diet pal, I’m here for you… although it looks like you’re doing just fine on your own! Love the blog!

  2. That’s exciting you’ve lost 3%! I only had to do a 3 month pre op diet, but I lost about 35 lbs during that time. I was very proud of it. I’m so excited to see where you go from here!

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