Aveda Damage Remedy Collection

I swear by Aveda’s Damage Remedy Collection. I used to have dry, brittle, damaged platinum blonde hair. When I was fourteen, I started going to an Aveda salon. My hair stylist suggested I start using the Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner. I immediately noticed a difference in my hair; it was much softer. After about a month, I had less trouble with breakage.


The shampoo is gentle but thick, so it gives you a really good lather. It doesn’t feel as if it is stripping your hair of anything. As usual with Aveda, it is all natural. It’s made up of quinoa protein, coconut and babassu. The conditioner is also very thick. It helps strengthen your hair from the inside out. It can detangle any mess you might have and leaves hair soft, bouncy and full of shine.


A few months later, the same stylist suggested I buy the Intensive Restructuring Treatment. I use it once a week and since then my hair has grown over eleven inches. Before this treatment, my hair would not grow past shoulder length.. now it is practically touching my butt! It has quinoa protein but also wheat protein and soy-derived oil to prevent damage and breakage.


If you frequently colour your hair or use heated styling products, you are bound to have damage. Well I have the perfect products for you! Head to your local Aveda salon/store and pick up this collection. I swear by it. I now have long, healthy hair and you can too!


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