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Formula of a boy band

What makes a boy band? In my eyes, a boy band is a group of wholesome, attractive young men that can be marketed to young women who enjoy pop music. Their albums have songs that are both upbeat and slow, both pop and hip hop. The album must include at least one “ultimate jam” to be successful.

Every boy band is made up of the same type of guys, which I label the boy band formula. You have the heartthrob, the baby face, the bad boy, the shy one and the very tan or ethnic dude. Sometimes the titles can be a little blurry, as some guys qualify in multiple categories.

The Heartthrob:

This is the band member that the most girls find attractive. They are often the most mainstream of the group and at some point have had a mildly successful solo career. They can also be a baby face or the bad boy.

The Bad Boy:

This is the Lindsay Lohan of boy bands. To qualify they must have either had a stint in rehab, trashed a hotel room or bitched out a fan. Tattoos are an obvious trait.

The Baby Face:

This is the cutie that is sometimes in the shadow of the heartthrob. Girls can’t always see the sex appeal of the baby face, but it is most certainly there. This character ends up going one of two ways – super sexual or super Christian.

The Shy One:

This can sometimes also be constituted as the one in the closet. The shy one is quiet and rarely does interviews. He also sings the least.

The Ethnic and/or Tan One:

This is basically just the random member of the group that few people swoon over. They don’t even have to be ethnic, they just have to have something completely different about them.


New Kids on the Block

Joey McIntyre: The Heartthrob

Donnie Wahlberg: The Bad Boy

Jordan Knight: The Baby Face

Jon Knight: The Shy One

Danny Wood: The Tan/Ethnic One

Backstreet Boys

Nick Carter: The Heartthrob

A.J. Mclean: The Bad Boy

Brian Littrell: The Baby  Face

Kevin Richardson: The Shy One

Howie Dorough: The Tan/Ethnic One

One Direction

Liam Payne: The Heartthrob

Niall Horan: The Bad Boy

Harry Styles: The Baby Face

Louis Tomlinson: The Shy One

Zayn Malik: The Tan/Ethnic One

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